I've got a training regime that works very well which involves: - Run/Sprint for 150m - Rest/Walk for 30seconds - Repeat 30x

It's very difficult to monitor and keep track of progress. I wanted to use some app that could record a monitor my intervals and make comparisons per week, however all the HIIT apps don't let you time the run/sprints so it's hard to work out if you are making any improvements.

I have downloaded 20 applications and only one meets the requirements, however it's very easy to reset and delete the entire set.

  • Start Timer / Start Sprint
  • Finish Sprint / Press Interval - elapsed time is recorded
  • 30 second countdown begins
  • (Repeat)
  • So you want a stopwatch and interval timer combo app? I don’t believe anything like that exists. The reason why is because an interval timer will only work on predetermined intervals. The only thing I can imagine that would help you is to run with your phone in hand while a stopwatch is running and simply glance at it when you need to. – JustSnilloc Mar 5 '18 at 14:22
  • Are you ios or android too, which would matter here. I am using android and haven't found an app yet. I was hoping for one... – Brian Mains Apr 16 '18 at 10:58

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