What exercises and exercise systems are the best complementary exercises to Yoga for releasing tension (immediate effect)

I am thinking of non-strenuous exercises like foam rolling.

With Yoga I mean Asana Yoga as in Hata, Ingyear or Bikram.

My current Yoga practice are Asanas on the floor, sometimes with a belt, sometimes rolling over a roll on my back (facing up)


Pranayam (in Hata yoga) is the best yoga practice for releasing tension and stress level. There are many types of pranayam. It is relevant to breathing concentration exercise.

1) 'Anulom-Vilom' Pranayam

2) 'Nadishudhhi' Pranayam

3) 'Ujjayi' Pranayam

'Kapalbhati' is also the good breathing exercise. Initially, You can do 5 rounds daily and later you can increase the rounds.


Savasana is the best complement, and can be performed at the end of every yoga session. Along with that meditation or anything that boosts awareness throughout helps best releasing tension.

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