I am a hobby lifter having an excessive lumbar lordosis curve. A few weeks back I noticed it, and have been trying to fix it by the traditional approach of correcting lower cross syndrome.

I made a temporary routine in which I'm greatly limiting exercises that train the spinal erectors, and doing a ton of volume in anti-extension ab exercises and glute exercises that do not load the spine too much, twice a week. I am also doing hip flexor and erector spinae stretches (kneeling lunge and child pose) and trying to not sit so much.

I have not seen much change in the past few weeks, so I think I'm missing something. I noticed that some people talk about diaphragmatic breathing having an effect on APT, is that correct? I am also considering taking a deep tissue massage in the lower back area to ease tightness, will that help?

Exercises I'm doing:

  • Barbell hip thrust
  • Back extension
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Ab rollout (wheel/ball)
  • Hanging knee raise (emphasis on spinal flexion)
  • RKC plank

Here's an x-ray of my lumbar spine:

X-ray of lumbar spine

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