Make it to be more and strong-defined as this on

I want to do my low pec like this on screen.I am doing push ups (elevated).What are the possible workouts i can do at home to obtain like this?If i need to add i can.I am eating right.I need only home workouts to obtain this definision on lower "area" of my pecs.

  • Short answer: Try increase difficulty of push ups by trying different variations or adding some weight to your back. Aim to decrease the number of reps you have to perform before suffering from fatigue.
    – Tarius
    Jun 13 '18 at 21:41

Despite popular belief the chest actually grows evenly. To grow a chest that size and gain definition it is important you have more variation in your exercises or more weight. Just off body weight alone any of the 3 basic push-ups will not be enough to put on size on your chest.

Personally, I believe you should try looking into Calisthenics and doing different things to push yourself and work your chest. As well as this I recommend wearing a backpack filled with books or something heavy when you perform these exercises to provide more resistance.


Yeah, there are no shortcut for that peck. Sure, bodybuilders will show you movements that help define that particular part of chest, but even if those exercises work - they are performed by people who already able to bench their body weight for 5-10 reps. Can you do that?

Also, it could be dangerous to just do a lot of push ups. You could dis-balance your upper body. Surprisingly, it is very common to have shoulder issues because of "over trained" chest in comparison to back.

If you have to stick with home workouts, I'd do at least pull ups, push ups, squats, with approximate ratio of 1-2-3. E.g.:

For each pull up, you do 2 push ups, and 3 squats. This will give you more balance.


If you are looking to target the lower chest with home workouts, then there are 2 things that I highly recommend.

  1. Start doing dips. Because you are pushing downward as opposed to in front of your body (like with push-ups), the lower chest is activated more. Bodybuilders use decline bench press and dips as a way of targeting the lower chest because they both have this downward pushing motion.
  2. If you want to take this one step further then I recommend doing gymnastic ring dips. Doing dips with rings instead of on fixed bars makes your chest work extra hard because not only does it have to push, it has to stabilize the rings too.

It's easy to get a gymnastic ring set up at home, all you need is rings and a pull-up bar to hang them from. If you want to check out the specific pull up bar and rings I recommend for home workouts, you can check out this article I have written on my website:

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