I have been using Protein Supplements for a year now and try to eat high protein food everyday, so I think I take high amount of protein daily

Now I worried about Gout. as far as I know it is caused by high protein intakes.

not sure if that is right and if so, shall i stop taking protein supplements?


  • @JustSnilloc what other problems?!
    – asmgx
    Commented Jun 28, 2018 at 22:46
  • Actually, I can’t seem to find any sources that look at extremely high protein consumption’s negative effects. There was one, but apparently they didn’t go high enough. So I suppose I’ll retract my former statement since it isn’t scientific, but just keep in mind that you can have too much of anything. Commented Jun 29, 2018 at 19:13

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High protein intake is not associated with an increased risk of gout.[1] People who are physically active are also less likely than the general population to develop gout.[2]

If you're not an alcoholic and you're not obese, you really have no reason to worry.


Take high levels of proteins can conduce to unbalance your acid-base.

It can cause exhaustion, high blood pressure, etc.. To avoid that be sure to eat a lot of vegetables, water with lemons...

More than 1.5g/2g per kg (ex: 50 kg = 75-100g of proteins each day) is considered as useless by mosts of lifters. You will have no benefit after this point.

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