I think i have some knee problems as I usually feel sore there after an intense lower body work day. Also I have noticed that I have some symptoms of a knock knee,so I want to know the best stance width and toe position for least pain.I have noticed that pain is mostly when my knee goes forward, therefore I don't have much problem in heavy deadlift but much problem in back squat,even much less weight compared to DL.

  • I have a recurring knee injury aswell. What helps for me as to widen my stance a little bit wider than shoulder width and allow my knees to out a bit more as you go down. This way you can kind of "sit in between your legs" like you would during a front squat. This puts less stress on my knees. – MJB Nov 28 '18 at 7:28

It’s a matter of getting everything aligned properly. Which is hard to explain with words alone, but getting your knees in the right position will require you to get your hips and ankles in the right position. The video below demonstrates what should be going on.


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