I have started a workout routine around 2 months ago and it goes something like this:

First day:

  • pushups (currently 2 sets of 20)
  • chest stretches (currently at 2 sets of 50)
  • bench dips (currently at 2 sets of 20)

for upper part of the body which takes 20 minutes.

Second day:

  • crunches (currently at 2 sets of 20)
  • scissors (currently at 2 sets of 20)
  • reverse crunches (currently at 2 sets of 20)
  • heel taps (currently at 2 sets of 20)

for abdomen and core which takes 30 minutes.

Although I felt soreness in muscle after workout for the first 2 or 3 days, I don't feel them anymore after the workout but feel the burn during exercising.

I usually take rest on Friday and divide them between remaining 6 days and do one list after the other (for example if I do the upper part of body exercises on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday then the abs and core part is done on the three remaining days.).

My plan is to have ripped abs and less of a buffed up hands and chest. A slim ripped abdomen part with a fine tuned body.

I do bicycling and run on the treadmill everyday (except Friday) and burn around 500 calories throughout the day and am an average footballer. I workout twice a day. The first is in the morning (around 6am to 8am) or in the noon (around 12pm to 2pm) and in the night (around 11 pm to 2pm).

But now, I don't run on treadmill or go bicycling and sometimes workout only once a day because of my exams and it'll be like this until the next week.

I am 53 KGs, 17 years old, height 5' 9", waist 25", chest 32" and hips 30".

I don't know much on what I should eat to reach my goal. Is my plan right for what I have envisioned or does it need tweaking

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    Just at a glance, your workout is extremely unbalanced. Stop focusing on the trophy muscles and develop and overall body plan. – JohnP Oct 11 at 15:42
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    I feel like if you want "less buffed up hands and chest" you need to be working on something other than triceps and chest on day 1? Also as John has mentioned your plan misses over half of your body. Do you just do these workouts in a loop? – Twyxz Oct 12 at 8:20

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