Some people often says that during menses we should stop exercises because it have negative effects...

  • For the downvoter(s), it can be helpful for a new user to explain why you are crtifical of the question. In this case, I am guessing that it is because the question is fairly basic, and easily answered with minimal research. If you have specific questions other than "is it safe" (yes, with rare exceptions), you can edit the question to add them in. It might also help to edit in the source of this claim. – JohnP Nov 8 '18 at 18:22

Yes ofcourse you can do exercise during your menstrual period. The only difference comes to the sets of repetition of the respective exercise. And if your body is strong enough to exercise in a same way as you do in your daily routine then you can go for it. Its all about knowing the needs and capability of your body.

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