Every day In the beginning I held planks for 25 seconds to strengthen my core and improve my posture, then after two weeks, I increased the plank to 45 seconds and then later to 60 seconds.

Now I feel thirsty all the time, weak and also have minor back pain.

I read this is perfect for a home workout for strengthening the core and, in many articles, I've read that the plank can reduce back pain and reduce stress, but my condition seems to be the opposite of this.

Now what are some precautions I can take for getting rid of these harsh feeling, or should I stop doing planks?


A regular static plank is a beginner exercise that has some potential to build your core strength, but it is vastly outclassed by both its own varieties and other core exercises. If you are feeling pain, then you probably aren’t doing the exercise in good form. Your back should be straight, bending neither towards or away from the ground.

Thirst is probably an entirely unrelated matter, but seeing a doctor might be for the best depending on the situation.

  • I make sure that i am doing plank in right position but still felt pain – user10592224 Dec 3 '18 at 17:42
  • That pain can be residual as well as causal. Working under the assumption that you’ve been doing it with perfect form this entire time, the conclusion here would be that you’ve didcovered an unrelated weakness/problem with your back. – JustSnilloc Dec 3 '18 at 18:07

Plank is just an isometric contraction. It doesn't even have any range of motion. So it will strengthen your core muscles, but once you move out of the alignment of the plank the strength does not translate. I would say stop doing it. Especially if it is hurting you don't keep doing it.


Here are a few questions to help find a suitable answer:

  • Is the discomfort only felt when in the plank position?
  • Have you had any previous injuries to your back?
  • What other exercises or movements cause the back pain?
  • What section of your back causes discomfort?

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