How Much Rest Between Workouts is good for physical fitness? How long should people rest in between workouts? And constantly workout without rest can be harmful?

  • Between what kind of workouts? How intense are they? How advanced are you? What do you do inbetween? A constant workout will kill you pretty soon for many reasons – Raditz_35 Dec 9 '18 at 19:15

The typical, and generally accepted guidelines for rest in between sets, per the NASM-CPT Textbook, Tables 14-1 & 14-8:

  • Core training - 0-60 seconds
  • Balance training -0-60 seconds
  • Plyometric or jump training - 0-60 seconds
  • Speed, Agility, and Quickness training - 0-60 seconds

  • Muscular endurance training - 0-90 seconds

  • Hypertrophy (muscle enlargement) - 0-60 seconds
  • Maximal Strength - 3-5 minutes
  • Power Exercises - 3-5 minutes

Acute Variables

Muscular Endurance:

  • 0-90 seconds rest
  • 12-20 reps
  • 1-3 sets
  • 50-70% of 1 rep max

Hypertrophy (muscle enlargement):

  • 0-60 seconds rest
  • 6-12 reps
  • 3-5 sets
  • 75-85% of 1 rep max

Maximal Strength (think of traditional power lifting exercises):

  • 3-5 minutes rest
  • 1-5 reps
  • 4-6 sets
  • 85-100% of 1 rep max

Power (Olympic exercises, medicine ball exercises, fast and explosive):

  • 3-5 minutes rest
  • 1-10 reps
  • 3-6 sets
  • 30-45% of 1 rep max (Olympic lifts)
  • Less than or equal to 10% of body weight (medicine ball activities)

NOTE: Remember that these are guidelines and your mileage may vary. The aforementioned will be determined by your fitness level, cardiovascular conditioning, and ergogenic supplementation. Also, there isn't anything wrong with resting for two minutes in between sets where delineated as "0-60" seconds. It isn't going to inhibit all the work you're putting in. The idea is to give yourself just enough time to recover so that you can complete the next set with technical efficiency and proper form; but not too long that your muscles and joints cool down. The latter increasing chance for muscle, joint, or connective tissue injury.

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    Question is being asked about workouts, not sets. – JustSnilloc Dec 10 '18 at 20:01

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