People who are interested in weight gain generally achieve it by gaining muscle weight by doing weight lifting exercises, etc.

Can weight-gain be achieved after the age of 28 by increasing bone weight or by some other means of physical exercise, increasing the weight without any gain in muscles?

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Exercise does have a very important role in both stopping the loss of bone mass and density and in increasing bone mass and density, as described in (among other papers) The effects of progressive resistance training on bone density if you'd like to read up on it.

That said, generally someone's skeletal mass composes about 15% of their total body mass, so any increases on the scale are likely to be modest.

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    To expand - A 220 lb (100 kg) person has about 33 lbs (15 kg) in bone mass. A 10% increase in that would be ~ 3 lbs. Very small difference. – JohnP Dec 17 '18 at 17:25

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