I believe I have a bizarre but unique question.

I would like to know if its possible to increase muscle mass without increasing (Or while minimizing) muscle size increase (Maybe by increasing muscle density if possible). The reason I ask is I would like to reach a much heavier weight but without bulking up (As much as physically possible).

If this is possible, can strength gain be maximized as well (As in can strength be increased without increasing muscle size.) I've read multiple times that this is usually done through low rep high weight exercises.

Note: I am not talking about losing fat while gaining muscle to keep the same weight. Nor am I talking about increasing strength while maintaining the same weight.

Instead I am talking about increasing your weight with minimum bulking (Ideally while also increasing strength).

Finally can this be done using body weight? (At least in the beginning)

Thank you

  • It's a bit confusing what you've written (perhaps try to rewrite some parts), but It's not an unusual question. I'd say once a month someone here asks how to avoid getting bigger muscles. However, could you perhaps try to state why? What is your goal, what exactly do you want to avoid? Many people starting out are afraid that they look like Phil Heath after a month in the gym. The truth is that you are lucky if you look muscular after 6 months or even a year of training unless you are really, really thin. Don't worry, without juice, your muscles won't grow a lot – Raditz_35 Dec 30 '18 at 10:08
  • @Raditz_35, Well I would like to reach a higher weight class without becoming muscle bound in combat sports. I'm not a pro or an amateur or anything, but Its quite important to me to increase my weight. I'm not sure what parts to modify in question. I could give you more information if you need it. – userRanGuy Jan 2 at 18:37
  • I would like to gain a lot of weight that is why I'm worried if its possible or not. I've recently lost a lot of weight (not fat weight) because I'm eating much less for reasons not really in my control but I am trying to change that. – userRanGuy Jan 2 at 18:43

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