How hard can I train during fasting, without diminishing training results too much?

I am mostly thinking of multi-day fasts, but also when I plan to fast in the morning or have calorie-deficit the day after. (Not fasted training per se)

Should I look at special protocols with eg amino acids or Collagen?

What I often do, is to cut reps/set to 70-80% of max in my slightly eccentric resistance training program. At the same time, I train more like circuit training, with intermixing exercises and shorter breaks.

I know the best, at least for fatloss, is to burn calories with minimum stress and damage, but I do this to maintain my level and "repeated-bout effect", so that I can train hard a few days later with little DOMS.

  • It's powerlifting specific, but here's a review of a powerlifter doing a rapid fat loss cycle - he kept intensity up, cut volume a lot, and focused his meals around his workouts - powerliftingtowin.com/… – dsolimano Feb 1 at 15:21

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