I watched a video about Vince Gironda's 36 egg a day diet in which it states that the diet is similar to taking a cycle a dianabol. The basics of this idea is that eating dozens of eggs per day would result in higher testosterone levels from 2 sources. The first reason from having higher cholesterol levels, would be cholesterol as a metabolic substrate of androgen and estradiol. The second reason comes from eggs possibly still having active hormones in them. Now I am sure that it might not be close to as effective as D-bol, but has anyone tried it? Does it seem to work? Is the reasoning behind the claim legit?

There's even a interesting study that states that 35 eggs a day helped burn victims recover faster.

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A quick review of the literature indicates it might be plausible, although the effects are likely to be much more modest than an actual pharmacological intervention.

Ketogenic diet and testosterone increase: Is the increased cholesterol intake responsible? To what extent and under what circumstances can there be benefits? concludes:

All things considered, Wilson’s study indirectly provides a solid basis for further research into planning a dietary method for boosting testosterone production in men

Testosterone and cortisol in relationship to dietary nutrients and resistance exercise meanwhile concludes:

Preexercise T[estosterone] was significantly positively correlated with percent energy fat

So.... not quite as crazy as it first sounds, but still pretty crazy.

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