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I have a problem with my pull up; When I'm pulling myself from the bottom position my right elbow seems to be more flared out than my left, it also happens when I'm doing close grip pull up. During the pull ups, I have no idea it's uneven, I just feel they are normal (even). Maybe posture problem? Or muscle imbalance? May you give me solution or advice to fix this problem?

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It also happen when I do close grip pull up.. My right elbows always seems to want to flare more than my left as you can see in the second picture.

  • I'd say a muscle imbalance between your left and right sides. Try doing some negative pulls ups (eccentric only motion, jump up to the top position, hold for a sec, then lower yourself down under control), see if it still happens. If not, I'd suggest drilling those for a while, to try and even things out. How about on horizontal rows, does the same issue occur? – Dark Hippo Mar 5 at 14:26

Judging by the picture it's just starting position. The hand on the left of the picture is further out and the hand on the right is positioned a lot closer to your body. You can see this from your feet too, one foot is hanging a lot lower than the other meaning you're leaning to that side because of your hand positioning


Look at the last picture and observe that even though Your hands are held together the right elbow is pointing outward.

This means that You're not using muscles evenly. In that case I would try doing some exercise targeting the muscles that are perceived to be weaker which results in such compensation.

One of the other ways would be also to enchance Your sense of the body. Most of the gyms have mirros not for showing off that big muscles but exactly for the purpose of performing perfect technique why observing how our body reacts to a stimulus provide.

Ask someone to record the pullup from behind without a shirt.

Also I have bold prediction that it might mess up with Your shoulders in the future as this continues.

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