I am trying to figure out how can I do heavy glute bridges with resistance bands safely. The reason I use resistance bands is it is portable and fit my current lifestyle. My current glute bridge is 110 kg with barbells(now I don’t have access to the gym). I have done some research on the internet and find different types of resistance band usage on the glute bridge.

enter image description here

The first one that I found is creating torque on my shoulders. I am worrying about this movement can create injury on my shoulders. Is this movement progressible in the long run?

  • Use a bench or something to elevate your body off the ground? – JustSnilloc Mar 11 '19 at 19:55
  • Thanks but bench is not portable. I need something that I can put it in my suitcase. – my-lord Mar 11 '19 at 20:48

You can't, unless you find something strongly anchored to the ground you can't.

Find a pole and use it to do band pull throughs instead, or band deadlifts.

They are not the best substitute for the glute bridge, but they are decent.

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