I was curious to know the following.

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Since plenty of Isolation exercises out there have the capacity to be alternated...hence: by having a unilateral nature such as the concentration curl, they can be performed on both sides of the body in a split fashion, my question would be (and since I can't remember right now an isolation exercise that's bilateral or "not suitable for alternation")...Are all isolation exercises "alternatable"?.

Even if the answer to the previous is NO, I pose a second question: are all alternatable exercises necessarily isolation, or is it possible to find compound ones as well. Thanks, I hope I made myself clear and not sound confusing.

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No, not all isolation exercises are alternatable, and not all alternatable exercises are isolation exercises.

Examples of non-alternatable isolation exercises: Any articulation of the spine in the sagittal plane, including sit-ups, back extensions, neck flexion and extension.

Examples of alternatable compound movements: Split squats, one legged squats, single leg leg press, single arm dumbbell bench press, single arm dumbbell overhead press.

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