Should one push or pull the leg when performing a piriformis stretch?

I have seen both versions:

enter image description here

(image source (mirror))

enter image description here

(image source (mirror))

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According to https://sportsrehab.ucsf.edu/hip:

Note that https://sportsrehab.ucsf.edu/hip is only mentioning the seated piriformis stretch and not the supine piriformis stretch, but I am assuming it is stretching the same muscles (Is the seated piriformis stretch complementary or redundant with the supine piriformis stretch?).

  • Downvoter: please explain. I don't mind the downvote, but I would very much like to learn what information is incorrect for my own sake. – Franck Dernoncourt Apr 20 at 4:29
  • You said "if one pushes" in both bullet points – Christian Apr 20 at 6:38

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