"Greasing the groove" or GtG is a training method developed by Pavel Tsatsouline, and made popular through his book 1999 "Power to the People! : Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American."

How do warming up fits into this system?

If you do several sets of pull-ups (or push-ups or whatever single exercise you'll try to optimize), are you supposed to do a proper warm up every time? Or it's OK to skip warm up, but then be extra slow?

From a purely pragmatic point of view, it seems extremely difficult to fit in warm-ups every time you decide to perform your push-ups.


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One method is doing the movement with partial rom, for example, do a tiny rom pullup, then gradually increase the rom until you do 5 normal pullups


There seem to be a number of interpretations of the term Greasing the Groove floating around, but the term might be characterised by the fact that (1) lifting is sub-maximal, and (2) not performed to failure. So although performing a warm-up might optimise our strength for a lift, it is reasonable to suggest that for this method it is unnecessary, since we are not challenging our strength maximally.

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