I just bought a set of 3 resistance bands: yellow 5#, green 15#, & blue 15#. I'm wondering is this the amount of pounds they represent when fully stretched? I saw another post and someone commented about how they saw a range per band and someone else explained it and it made sense-- Ex: red band is 50-100 lbs and they said at the start of stretch it is about 50 lbs, midway about 75 lbs and fully stretched its about 100 lbs, which totally made sense, but the ones I bought did not have a range so I'm wondering what y'alls thoughts are?

Thanks in advance!

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    This really can't be answered, as different manufacturers will have different values. Your best chance is to look on the manufacturers website for an owners manual or similar. – JohnP Aug 22 '19 at 13:41

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