I am now training for marathon running and marathon swimming simultaneously for coming races in both sports.

Will this be likely to give me better or worse performance than if I only do a single sport, if the training amount and methodology is exactly the same for a single sport?

E.g. I'm swimming 4 times a week with 15 km total, and running 3 times a week with 45 km total to train for both marathon swimming and marathon running at the same time.

Will my running performance likely be better or worse if I stop swimming, and only run 3 times a week with 45 km total with the exact same structure?

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    This is based on nothing, but if the total amount is within what your body can handle without injuries and recover from. there should be some improvement of the combination. Would be interesting to see some scientist looking at Strava data for a real answer and not opinions – Aksel Willgert Dec 21 '19 at 9:53

I think you would perform better in running if you would concentrate on it. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be swimming, your body needs some variety that it won't get boring.

But if your goal is just to run a marathon, not the fastest time possible for your Body. Then this is okey too, because you will still improve your Cardio either way and this will help in the opposite sport as well.

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