I've heard several points of opinion that some muscle groups benefit better for more frequent resistance training, in some cases 5 or six times in a week, and I was hoping to find some support or refutation for this claim. Most frequently I hear this said of quads/legs, lats, and abdominals.


Larger muscles can take more of a beating while smaller muscles can take less. Whether or not it's more beneficial depends on your experience and training. You don't want to overtrain a muscle either. Training too much can cause less results or even ruin your workout unless your advanced See below:

Large muscles such as chest and quads: 120 reps a week max is generally recommended. This can be split up in 4 3x10 exercises or however you see fit. Smaller isolation exercises such ss flyes can be added sometimes without sacrificing anything.

Smaller muscle groups 30 to 60 reps a week. You don't want to hit these too hard, especially since they get worked by compound exercises.

Accessory muscles such as calves, forearms, or core-these can be more frequent since they are type I muscles, but 3 times a week, a couple exercises each should do it.. and should be close to the max you do.

These are not solid rules.. the more advanced you become you can add sets to build more muscle and use 5 or 6 sets instead of 3.

  • What are the general RPE for those working sets/reps you've quoted? – SomethingSomething Dec 17 '19 at 13:49
  • Here is a link I read for visibility. It mentions that if your goal is strength or power with a high RPE, such as 5x5 workouts, you'll use the lower middle range of 60-120 as opposed to the high end of doing 120.aworkoutroutine.com/optimal-workout-volume – Ace Cabbie Dec 18 '19 at 20:13

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