When doing landmine squats or thrusters people often advise to lift the heels off the ground (sometimes called lineman squat). Like here or here

enter image description here

Now it is often said that doing squats and thrusters with a landmine machine like this is much safer and joint friendly than the traditional versions.

However, I am wondering how having heels (naturally) lift off the ground impacts the knee joint.

Is there a reason why lifting the heels off the ground does bring the knee joint or parts of it in a bad position or is bad for the knee for other reasons (compared with traditional squats)? Are there any knee sheering and compression force measurements available with that position? Any study about injury rates with this exercise in particular regarding the knee joint.

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  • Landmine squats are definitely quoted as more joint-friendly compared to traditional back squats, however, the link and photo you've posted are of a lineman squat. The same trainer demonstrates squats with heels on the ground as well: youtu.be/SsoLgKWGu9A. Landmine squats are completed with heels on the ground. Does this change your question at all, or, do your questions still stand for the lineman squat? – C. Lange Dec 20 '19 at 17:05
  • @C.Lange: Yes, the question remains. – Sarah Dec 20 '19 at 21:01

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