Some weeks ago, my coach was explaining the starting positions, he pointed out the two different starting positions, he called them the

East European and Chinese


I was trying to pay attention to his body during the starting phase so I can't remember the whole discussion anymore, I searched the web a lot, after spending an awful amount of time, I've found no related discussion.

I know it's better to ask him again, but seriously I asked many questions these day of him so I'm a little bit shy! He spends more time on me, so I don't want to take advance of his time.

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    The difference is bar placement when bringing from the ground to the hips, as well as the initial explosiveness. I'll try to provide a detailed answer soon. – user26337 Dec 30 '19 at 19:55
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    @Charles - what's the chance on that detailed answer? – C. Lange Feb 5 at 15:17

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