Every time I run in P.E. (Physical Education) it seems I'm last of many. When it comes to speed I struggle but for long distance runs I'm able to last longer than most people. Specifically: the impact on my feet feels heavy.

I do the right posture too, plus I only weigh 52 kg (New Zealand measurements) so I'm not really heavy at all but I feel like my lower body is weighing me down when I try to run. More than anything I can't run for far too long as I'm low on stamina and power in strength. The only thing that helps me in competitions involving running or jumping is my determination and integrity.

  • I don't run, so I'll let someone else step in here. but I would check out this question for some form tips: fitness.stackexchange.com/questions/11702/… – C. Lange Jan 30 at 3:50
  • 1
    First, this is great. There aren't many people at a school age that realize that if something isn't as you want it to be, put in the work and fix it. But could you add more details? How old are you? How large are you? What exercises do you do regularly besides pe? How much time do you want to put in? Is joining an institution consistent with your goals (e.g. an athletics team or a gym and so on) an option? Do you want to be specifically a good jumper and sprinter or are you interested in becoming more athletic in general? – Raditz_35 Jan 30 at 5:55
  • 4.7 inches. 15 y/r. and right now i'm trying to rebuild and stamina. i do badminton as a hobby i also do some biking and i'm starting to do basic exercises. i did undergo a intense training program that lasted 8 weeks with firefighters, police officers, and medics for support but i sustained a injury at week 2 in my hips because my lack of exercise but i was stubborn so i pushed myself every day till i could no longer go on. which resulted me having to quit but i'm trying again and again till i graduate. – Ripeka .E Jan 30 at 6:14
  • @Ripeka.E It would be great if you could add those details to the question itself. Also, one more question. What is "short" and "long"? 100m and 1km, or 1km and 10km? – Dan Jan 30 at 15:38

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