During lockdown, I am doing workouts at home with two dumbells. I can't add any more weight, so I am doing sets in the 15-25 rep range.

How many sets should I aim for per week for large (leg, chest, back) and small (arms) muscles per week?

The goal is muscle growth.

Also, how much time to rest between sets? Due to the low weight, I am trying to add more tension by going to failure often and resting little between sets. Good idea or not?

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    The specific number of reps matters a lot less than the number of sets that are brought within a reasonable proximity of failure. But the number of sets depends on both the specific muscle group as well as the variability of the individual. This article goes in depth on volume recommendations and more. renaissanceperiodization.com/… – JustSnilloc May 29 '20 at 0:55

It seems the daily peak is around 7 sets per muscle building but it seems people can tollerate way more than that before running into overtraing.

Also the highest weekly number of sets ever clinically tested was 45 sets per muscle group,it seems it held the most muscle growth.

You should manage by yourself the amount of sets you want to do, because everyone has a different recovery. While it seem fun and cool and extreme to do 20 sets of one exercise in a day...it won't be good if you can't recover from that.

Train as much as you can recover. But if you wanna be safe and not risk wrecking yourself for one entire week or more for nothing, then just stick to 7 sets per day or less. Source

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