I love to walk and am looking at upping my game.

I stumbled upon Heavyhands Walking by Leonard Schwartz see here

Before I buy the book I thought I should ask folks here of their expert opinion on what his regimen is all about?

It also looks a bit dated and wanted to see if his work have been superseded by other theories and practice?



If it's about farmer walks, or ‘walking the load’, then the author is on point. Farmer walks can be adjusted in different ways to train pretty much the entire body and different systems of the body: cardiovascular, nervous, or muscular system.

  • up stairs to prioritize the legs

  • one-sided only to build strong obliques and back muscles

  • odd handles to build crushing or pinching power

  • running to build power

  • super-heavy to build shoulder and arm muscles

  • light-weight for long walks to burn calories and maintain muscle while getting older

And these are a few examples, the farmer carry can be used in many more ways for more specific purposes, it is safe to assume that yes one can build fitness from just walking with weights. Literally walking your way to a healthier life or and stronger body.

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