Does every minute on the minute count as multiple sets or as one long ass set?

Every minute on the minute is doing something like 7 repetitions at the start of the minute, and when you finished the 7 repetitions you can rest until the next minute passes...so it's usually only 30 seconds of rest at best. Usually people do EMOM for 20 minutes or even a few hours.

This is not a muscle building protocol, but I've never seen people who can do EMOM on push ups or pull ups for more than one hour which are small, skinny and weight less than 170 pounds. I do 25 minutes of EMOM push ups every day, I try to increase repetitions when I can for progression but now I'm sitting at 11 every minute. I do them first thing in the morning when waking up everyday.

Do they count as 7 weekly sets or as 175 weekly sets?

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    I don't think there is a strict definition of "set" beyond just "a collection of repetitions with little to no rest in between". So unless you're writing some report to a set-counting authority... Is there any particular reason you're asking this? – Alec Jul 9 at 20:09
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    Why is this important? A set isn't a stricly defined SI unit, but a proxy intended to help describing a certain type of workout... a type that is pretty far away from what EMOM appears to be. So the notion of a set seems to be kinda meaningless here. – UnbescholtenerBuerger Jul 9 at 20:10

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