So to give a little concept:

My schedule:

8:30 AM I start working

9:00 AM I eat breakfast like a salad with chicken (approx 15-20g protein).

13:00 PM Rice with chicken and veggies (30-45g)

15:00 PM Protein shake (25-30g)

17:00 PM WORKOUT (1 hour, intra workout amino acids, creatine)

18:30 PM Supper (usually variable but I try to stick to 30g protein)

20:00 PM Some kind of healthy dessert (20/30g protein)

My workout:

5 times a week

Full body (focusing on a main group each time starting it with a compound)

1 hour

Advanced lifter

Always higher volume or higher weight per rep based on logs (if possible)

Reps to failure

I weigh about 75kg so I reach my maximum amount of protein for the day.

So I don't really like my protein timing here because I get a lot of my proteins before my workout. If I were to do my workout at 7:00 AM for example before eating anything at all, would it make a huge change or is it irrelevant in terms of muscle gain? Of course, if I were to do that I would start with a shake rather than a salad in the morning.

If it really is that bad what would be a better recommendation if I were to keep my workout still at that time?

  • How many days a week do you work out, what kind of workouts are they, how intense do you go? Sep 7, 2020 at 10:51
  • 5x a week full body and I try to push myself to my limits every workout. I always try to do either higher volume or higher weight per rep than the previous exercise based on my logs. I have a main focus for muscle groups each day for which I start with a compound exercise. I would call myself an advanced lifter. Sep 7, 2020 at 11:13


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