A while back, I had some tracking issues with my kneecap. The physio prescribed me some straight-leg extensions to strengthen my VMO (vastus medialis oblique muscle) and reduce muscle imbalance with the outside of my quad.

While these helped improve my kneecap tracking, I'm now looking for more 'gym / hobby based' ways to keep my VMO strong... rather than doing tedious rehab exercises for the rest of my life.

Would the following exercises / activities be a good way to keep my VMO strong? I feel like they would help, but I struggle to find out for sure when reading online

  1. Jogging / hiking on uneven terrain
  2. Goblet squats to parallel, with heels elevated (I normally prefer a wide stance as it feels more natural to me)
  3. Dumbbell walking lunges
  4. Dumbbell split-squats
  5. Dumbbell step-ups (onto weights bench)
  6. Single-leg squats w/ star excursion (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxDbm7_CWec)
  7. Cycling
  • What are these "straight-leg extensions"? I assume that "straight leg" means that you don't bend your knee during the exercise, but are you sitting and raising your whole leg off the ground in front of you, or are you facing into the ground and raising your leg up behind you? Nov 21 '20 at 1:44

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