I see that many-body composition measurement devices give visceral fat result as an integer between 1 and 59. These are results I got from a body composition analysis.

  • Weight: 87.7 kg
  • Body fat: 19.9 %
  • Subcutaneous fat: 17.2 %
  • Visceral Fat: "9"

What does this number "9" mean? By calculations, I was able to figure out that it is NOT:

  • What percentage of total body weight is visceral fat.
  • What percentage of body fat is visceral fat.
  • How many kg visceral fat I have.

Is there a way to figure out:

  • How much (kg) visceral fat should I lose to reduce this "9" to 4 or 3?
  • How much (kg) visceral fat can I gain before the scale reaches 14?


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