It was to my knowledge that progression was supposed to be hard, actually the more you progress the harder it becomes.

This is why January 1 starting off with 77 push ups in 7 minutes I was expecting it to be a hard goal to reach to do 666 push ups in one hour. I was expecting something like that to take one year minimum. Turns out it took me 21 days, today I did 770 push ups in 58 minutes.

My progress was slow at the beginning, adding 11 push ups every next day... Then it got faster every day. My progress was more than 10 times what I expected, and 2 times what dreamt of and still seems to get faster by the day.

at this point I realistically expect to do 3600 push ups in 1 hour, 1 per second within this year

Is there a safer formula to predict progess or is it just random?

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