So I have recently gotten a heavy bag from a friend who was selling one. It’s not the heaviest of bags it’s 70 pounds.

I have never done any boxing or any real working out but ever since covid started I have gained a lot of weight. I’m 6’5 and around 340 pounds. At 225 I was skinny enough to see my ribs if that helps visualize my body type.

I want to lose at least 90-100 pounds and want to know if a heavy bag routine mixed with some cardio could achieve these goals or if I should seek other options. I have read a lot of mixed opinions on this so I’m just wondering if there’s any success story’s or someone with a better option.

Of course I know diet is a huge thing that is already being changed but I don’t get much exercise through work or any normal daily routine.


Short Answer

If you're in a caloric deficit you will lose weight.

Any type of exercise that gets your heart rate up for a length of time will help you burn more calories and bring you closer to that deficit. Boxing can be a fantastic form of cardio.

It's all what you put into it.

On that note, if you are inexperienced I highly recommend following a clear program. Do some youtubing and find a "Begginner at home Boxing workout" video to get yourself started. It's unlikely that you just messing around with a boxing bag will bring as good results as a program.

Following a program will also help with longevity keeping you working out past the initial motivation.

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