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I lost completely interest in training for strength, its not like I ever had good results to begin with but I didn't give up or something like that...

I simply don't care anymore, it seems useless to me.

However i noticed that sometimes I get wrist pains and shoulder pains.

Training my wrists and my shoulders it's the only thing that stops the pain.

And the ache is strong, but as soon as I start doing some wrist extensions and face pulls all my pain goes away.

Couldn't sleep for the pain, not even drugs worked... Then one day it popped...by Instinct I started training these joins and the pain went away.

Could someone please explain why is it so? I remember everyone else suggesting to not stress tendons which are already in pain, yet the opposite happens with me.

Highlight the question again

"Could someone please explain why is it so?"

Or so, how does stressing a tendon with work heal it or at least give the impression of healing it by eliminating the pain?

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  • Yes this is on topic, that's what the tags were created for, no there's no other place to ask it. – user35086 Apr 7 at 23:32
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    Asking the question again is not the correct procedure here. You should edit your original question and look to have it reopened. If the original was deemed off-topic, I don't see why a copy of it wouldn't be. Question closures are not for random reasons. – C. Lange Apr 8 at 3:13
  • The definition of pain might be your misunderstanding here. Acute pain is usually treated with rest/compression/elevation/etc, muscle soreness is or joint aches generally aren't acute pain. I feel like the saying motion is the lotion is applicable here. – C. Lange Apr 8 at 3:15
  • It's not on topic. You're asking for a diagnosis. And you're right, there is no other place to ask it, because the StackExchange network has NO site that will diagnose you over the internet. And no, this is not what those tags were created for. – Alec Apr 8 at 14:00

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