I’ve recently purchased a double jogging stroller. I’m not a great runner to begin with—typically only lasting between 1 and 2 miles. I don’t know much about formal form concepts, but I was told once that my arms shouldn’t swing across my body because it leads to unnecessary core usage and ultimately you could tire faster. When running today, I noticed that my free arm was moving across my body and stopping myself from doing it took a great deal of effort on my part. Is this normal or should I continue to work on not swinging my “pumping” arm across my body when pushing a stroller?

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I am personally a fan of the chi running technique. Here's a question/answer with how to adapt this technique to a stroller.

About the arms, this article says to have a relaxed arm swing and avoid crossing arms in front of body.

I think it is normal and that running/jogging with a technique takes practice to master recommendations that improve the running/jogging overall.

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