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You have a light ligament pain and you strength train.

A medical professional has cleared you out for exercising.

What's the path that minimizes the loss of strength and progress while maximizing the chances of a good recovery?

  • Skip all sessions involving that ligament until there is no pain at all
  • Change the movement so there is less or ideally no pain (for example Zotmann curls, to Hammer curls if you have elbow pain)
  • Reduce the intensity and do more reps so the strain on the ligament is less
  • Both changing the movement and reducing intensity

Any of the above or some other?

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I recommend trying out what works best for you and your body.

If you have pain while you lift, stop the lift and try another one that hits the same muscle groups that has less pressure on that ligament. If you cannot find another lift, stop altogether for a period of time or try lighter weight.

If you have pain without lifting, try lighter weight and low reps, and focus on strengthening the muscles around the ligament. Only increase reps and weight when you are no longer in pain.

A great way to get back into working out after being hurt or having pain is physical therapy or at the very least doing physical therapy exercises. There are usually a ton of sites, videos, and guides to exercises and stretches that will be light on pain and strengthen the areas that are needed. SportyDoctor seems to have some really detailed exercises, great diagrams, and even goes into detail about the muscles themselves.

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