I've been getting into aerial silk, 2 trainings per week. I have never done much sports where one is required to hold up their body weight by their hands for extended periods of time (and sometimes just a single hand). I do around 7-10 hours of sports per week in general so I'm fit, progressing very quickly and probably increasing the load on my hands very fast for a beginner.

I have barely used any rosin because I read it makes you weak and is intended more for performance than training. But now after like 3 weeks, the joints in my fingers hurt (mostly one per non-thumb finger, but the others also a little).

It's easily bearable and the pain just about goes away before the next training. But, as a runner, if I had that much pain in my knees I would immediately stop training and get professional help if it kept coming back after training.

Should I use more rosin to reduce the training load on my hands to a better level? Should I train less, go down to once per week for a month?

  • The small muscles and tendons in the fingers need time to adapt to a new workload. It's similar in climbing: the larger, more-used muscles and joins adapt more quickly than the fingers. Even mild inflammation in joints can have a disproportionate effect. I'd be a little surprised if more rosin helped more than a wee bit. Instead focus on finger joint care; this could include icing to reduce inflammation after training, anti-inflammatory foods, and a rest period. Aug 16 at 20:36

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