Does anyone have any suggestions for Herbal supplementation for weight loss that they have found to work for you personally?

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Do not search for any supplements to lose weight. Alter your diet and exercise. Taking supplements to lose weight is taking the easy way out, and it's NOT the solution for your problem. It will only cost you a lot of money and won't work in the long term. Most of the time these supplements are unhealthy because they contain a lot of caffeine or ephedrine. These herbal supplements cost a lot of money, and the only goal is to sell them on a short term. You will not lose weight over a long period.

Instead of looking for supplementation to lose weight, start looking for real food. I'm a big fan of the Paleo approach. In this approch you lose weight by doing very little exercise (compared to conventional methods) and eating natural, real food. I would strongly advise you to give it a try. A lot of my clients lost tons of weight eating and exercising Paleo.

Take a look at introductory Paleo video on YouTube.

If you want more info about this approach please check out these websites and books:

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