I've been working out for a while now, doing different programs (SL 5x5, GZCLP, various full body routines). Since my weeks vary in busyness and I want to throw in some other activity occasionally (like bouldering or running), I'm trying to get away from any routines dictating a fixed amount of days per week. Instead, I'm looking for something like an A/B split workout I can do 2 or 3 times a week depending on how busy I am, without missing out on body parts if I do 2 (and yes I do know that less will still be less, but at least every major muscle group would be worked once in a week) or overdoing it.

Since I haven't found such a routine which is (IMO) sensibly programmed and I really like, I came up with my own. I would really appreciate an honest review, pointing out missing volume, improper exercise selection and any other flaws.


As mentioned above, this is meant as an A/B Split Full Body workout. I would ideally work out 3 times a week, if I'm busy only 2 times. So two optimal weeks would be: week 1 = A/B/A, week 2 = B/A/B. The goal was to create rather "sweet and short" workouts, where I can keep the intensity up and hit a lot of muscles simultaneously with compound movements, instead of throwing in a ton of volume and isolation. The main goal is hypertrophy.

Workout A Workout B
1. Squat: 4x8-10 + 1 Drop-Set @ 50-60%
2. DB Bench Press: 3X8-12
3. Superset, 3x:
  - Military Press: x8-12
  - Pull-Up: x5-10
4. Superset, 3x, no rest between supersets:
  - Hanging Leg Raise: x10-15
  - Band Pull-Apart: x20
1. Deadlift: 3X5 (last set AMRAP)
2. Superset, 3x:
  - Incline Bench Press: x8-12
  - Barbell Row: x8-12
3. Superset, 3x:
  - (Reverse) DB Lunge: x8 (each leg)
  - DB Bicep Curl: x8-12
4. Superset, AMRAP, 10sec between supersets:
  - W Raise (abs exercise, see e.g. AthleanX): x5
  - Twisting Sit-Up: x16

Progession Scheme and Stalling:

I do have some tactics for progression and handling stalls, inspired by typical bodybuilding principles, SL 5x5 and GZCLP. For progression, I would add reps and/or weight. Failures are handled by retrying the next workout and after repeated failing (stalling) eventually going down in weight (SL 5x5) or switching the rep scheme (GZCLP). I won't go into detail to keep the question shorter, but could elaborate in a comment if requested.

Thanks in advance for any reviews and suggestions, if you know any good established programs that would fit my goal I would also appreciate suggestions.


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