I'm male, 29 years old, 72kg, 172cm height. First of all, I don't like to look skinny. I just need to stay fit. I have a treadmill and a situp machine, I just wanted to find out what is the best training to follow?

  • With the info provided it’ll be tough to help. Just balance aerobic exercise with strength training and healthy caloric intake with exercise. Most running should be at a tempo pace with occasional (e.g., weekly) speed and hill sessions. Oct 6 at 12:56
  • How will you define what is fit? Then we can better help you determine a realistic goal to reach your definition of “fit”. Looking muscular ? Vascular? Or athletic?
    – Jun
    Oct 7 at 5:47
  • If you value your belly, just eat more, cardio won't make you slim if you eat more than you burn. Oct 10 at 19:51
  • What's yoru bf? You have a decent weight/height.
    – nz_21
    Nov 18 at 0:13

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