I do not have easy access to a leg press machine but it would be interesting to know what my maximum leg press is, which is what I believe to be the strongest movement one can usually exert force-wise.

I thought a good approximation for this would be bodyweight plus max deadlift. The reason for this is that is equal to the normal force the ground is exerting during a deadlift and that the lifter has to overcome.

Is this reasoning correct? Is it generally the case that bodyweight plus max deadlift is approximately equal to max leg press?

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They're completely different movement patterns, and there is too much variation between the two to derive any kind of comparison.

Leg Press numbers are typically a lot higher because it isolates the legs specifically. The athlete is also locked in place and very stable. The range-of-motion for the legs is a lot larger, and is more quad focused.

In contrast, a deadlift is a full-body free-weight exercise in which the athlete provides the stability. The legs do provide a lot of drive, but from a shorter range of motion.

  • My max deadlift at 185 pounds is 455 (adds up to 640), but I can leg press 765 for sets of 10 all day.
    – Thomas Markov
    Commented May 6, 2023 at 13:51
  • @ThomasMarkov Actually now that I think about it, my max deadlift + bodyweight is 880 lbs (655 @ 225), and the most I've ever leg pressed was 765 x 8. Calculators claim I could do 950 x 1, but it's not something I have any desire to find out.
    – DeeV
    Commented May 6, 2023 at 14:15

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