In training theory, effort is often quantified as %VO2max, whereas another (perhaps more old-school?) measure is %maxHR.

These two metrics aren't easily convertible. This is because an effort level of 0 equates to 0% VO2max, which, of course, doesn't translate to 0% maxHR.

However, I'm wondering if the following assertion is correct:

0% VO2max corresponds to resting heart rate 100% VO2max corresponds to maximum heart rate

Given these, could we then state that 50% VO2max is equivalent to 0.5 (maximum heart rate - resting heart rate) + resting heart rate?


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If you search "vo2 vs heart rate relationship graph" on Google images you'll find that the graphs look fairly linear (at least, during exercise). This would indicate that your assertion is correct (or at least approximately so, when exercising).

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