4 day split. Modified upper lower for preference.

Monday (upper): Dumbbell bench 3x8-10 Lat pull-down 3x12-15 Facepull 3xamrap Low cable bicep curl 3x12-15 Incline dumbbell bench 3x8-10 Bent over one arm row 3x10-12 Incline bicep curl 3x10-12

Tuesday (lower): Bulgarian split squat 3x 8-15 depending on weight Triceps extensions 3x12-18 Standing calf raise 5x20 Lateral raise 5x10-15 Hip thrusts 3x12-15 Cable Y raise 3x 10-12

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday(upper) Friday(lower)

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Few suggestions:

  • your leg routine is pretty thin. In my opinion any leg routine should include squats and deadlift or some variants of them.
  • your shoulder exercises are a bit imbalanced. You have 2 exercises targeting the side delts and none for the front delts. I would suggest removing one of the side delt raises snd add in a overhead press for your front delts.
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I currently have very over developed quads compared to my hams and glutes and calves which is why I only have the split squat which hits both quads and glutes. Sometimes I incorporate dumbbell Rdls for a couple months and then swap them out. Aug 4, 2023 at 11:53

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