Muscles-ups are an exercise where by we start of with a pull up and follow by a dip.

I have been trying to do that for the previous few months but am still unable to do it. I am able to do the pull-up but every time I want to change to dip I get stuck. Is there a way to train so that I can do that exercise?

Which muscle group is being use in doing muscle up?

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You may also want to check out this article on T-Nation about muscle ups:

The muscle up involves just about every muscle in the upper body. Your entire back, your abs, every muscle in your arms, etc. The video embedded in that article has a good approach to the progression needed.

One of the keys to being able to switch smoothly from pullup to dip is the false grip mentioned in the T-Nation article. However, the following is a progression that can work:

  • Train pull-ups and dips separately on a straight bar--using the false grip for both. Be strict (no kipping). Get to 15 at once on both.
  • Train your pull-ups to get your chest touching the bar, and your dips down to touching your chest to the bar. Get to 15 at once on both.
  • Use kipping to help with the transition from pull up to dip. Mental cue: "roll the bar". The bar won't move, but if you roll the bar toward your chest, it will help get your body into the dip position.
  • Phase out the kipping and do them strict.
  • thanks alot. i will try to do a pull up to my chest for my next training. hoping that i can do a proper muscle up soon.
    – Jie Liang
    Commented May 17, 2012 at 13:48

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