I work in an office that has no room for a bed to take a nap. But I feel real sleepy after lunch and feel tired in the afternoon, is there any good way of resting for the noon in an typical office without bed ?

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Well, it really depends on your office environment. For example, do you have your own office where no one can see you or are you in a cubicle?

If your office culture is ok with you taking a nap, then simply put your head down on your desk. According to research, the nap should only be 15-20 mins between 1-3pm.

If naps are frowned upon, then you can take a nap in your car. You may have to drive a bit and park your car where you won't be seen.

An alternative is to use other methods to re-energize yourself. Taking a walk or drinking water may help. More tricks can be found here.


I take a nap at work several days a week. Usually I lie on the floor, sometimes just rest my head on the desk.

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