Condition: After a twenty minute workout consisting of walking only (Week 1, Day 3 listed here) my arm muscles felt unusually fatigued but not sore.

Question: What may be the specific problem?

(I suspect this may be due to some dietary (nutritional) deficiency rather than direct physical exertion, since I didn't exercise my arms or upper-body region during the workout.)

Follow-up information and question: I've faced this problem for some time now. I used to run moderately for some period some time ago, but gave up because my muscles were becoming very fatigued with only modest exertion. - If possible, may an experienced runner provide some feedback on what specifically might be the reason(s)? And how to address this properly?

  • Interesting question, I experienced this myself when I began to run, but not to the extent you are experiencing.
    – Baarn
    Oct 2, 2012 at 16:57

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The only real answer to this is: see a doctor. I'm not sure of your age or health, etc. (sounds like you're a college student) - but after a small amount of exercise you should NOT be feeling muscle fatigue. See a Dr. and get a complete physical, blood work and nutritional assessment. Don't take this feedback from your body lightly....it's a clear warning sign that something could be wrong.

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