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Skinny but flabby, what to do?

I appear skinny but anyone who's seen me without a shirt knows the truth! My chest, arms, and legs all look healthy (as far as I'm concerned) but my stomach is this fatty mess. It's not that I don't ...
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Is working out localized muscle going to help burn fat in that area more than building up overall muscle mass?

When different people gain weight, the fat tends to accumulate in different parts of the body based on the individual. Some people gain in their stomach, their buttocks, their thighs, etc. If I am ...
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I have a strong abdomen but I still have a belly?

I go to the gym regularly to do weight training and start off with sit ups to warm up, however I never seem to lose my belly. I'm not interested in a six pack I just want to know if training your ...
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Is it possible to lose weight on some special parts of body?

I'm 165 cm tall and I weigh 56 kg. I'm the ideal weight for my height now, but don't like my body and what it looks like! I'd love to be skinny but I don't know how. Fat tummy, belly, leg .. I am, ...
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Best way to reduce side belly fat? [duplicate]

I have a lot of fat on the sides of my belly above my waist, and keeps increasing the more I eat. Question: What's the best way to reduce the fat here, though I do have fat in the belly and chest ...
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Can I add in some core exercises to SL 5x5 and what do you suggest if so?

I don't really think that my core is being worked enough when performing the compound lifts of strong lifts, as the rest of my body has caught up while my stomach and waist are still really flabby and ...
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How can i burn fat without losing weight?

I am 21 years old 1.75m and like 64.5kg. and started doing kickboxing 3 days a week for 4 months now. Kickboxing contains endurance and strength training nearly for the whole body. I didn't do ...
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Good exercises for lower pecs without weights

Note: I'm just trying to get in shape over the summer while I'm away from school so I'm an amateur when it comes to physical fitness and I might not know what I'm talking about. As of right now I'm ...
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How to reduce facial fat? [duplicate]

I have been doing Insanity exercises for over a month now and couple with a strict, clean diet I have really seen improvements in my body. I have lost 7+ kgs of weight, my stomach has reduced and ...
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I need an advice about a training

I'm new here. I'm 67kg and I'm fine with my body, it's pretty normal, but I don't like 2 things. The problem is that I have a hard belly and my bum looks big from a side. What should I eat or do? Any ...
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how to decrease lower body fats,? [duplicate]

I am 18 years old and My lower body is wider than my upper body .when i am dressed my shirt looks shorter than my pants and also my thighs are wider than my base. My chest is 36 inches ,stomach ...
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please help me i am suffering from fat chest!

I am a 17 year old, 12th grade student. I weigh 78 kgs and am 5 feet 5 inches tall. I am a good student but I could have done 100 times better if I did not have moobs. I want to lose chest fat, ...
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30 Day Ab Challenge

I don't have very much about fitness and what is efficient or not. Is this program constructed well enough to produce good results in your opinion? Thank you for your insight.
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burn arm fat not feasible in my case

All my life I have been doing exercise (running, jogging, swimming, dancing, basket ball, martial arts, and gym stuff) I know there are many genetic factors that make me almost impossible to reduce ...
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Flat abdomen without losing fat from face

I am trying to reduce my abdominal fat so that I can see my abs :) currently my BMI is around 22, which is a normal weight, I do Running and weight training every alternate day, and to reduce weight ...
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