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How to reduce belly and face fat [duplicate]

I am 26 years old, M, 5'7 height. I have been doing exercise running- 30 mins daily and cycling - 20 mins. I do crunches also in my daily activities. I drink lot of watter like hell, not taking ...
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What are the fastest ways to lose weight? [duplicate]

I am 35, I mesure 184cm and my weight is around 100kg. Do you have any ideas on how I could lose weight ? Thank you.
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How to reduce Weight? [duplicate]

I am 24 year old male, my height is 5'9" and weight is around 80 kg. How can I reduce it to around 65 kg in short span of time (around 6 months) Will Protein powder help in reducing my weight? ...
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Would the caloric deficit work? [duplicate]

I've been wondering if someone stores fat more in his legs, and has a skinny upper body, what should he do to lose this fat? should he try a caloric deficit? but since I heard that when you lose fat ...
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How do I lose fat? I tried cycling but it does not work [duplicate]

I am doing cycling from last 6 months for loss of fat. I have a fat belly and my friends always makes joke on this. This is the reason I started cycling. But I did not get any result Please give me ...
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How to lose weight [duplicate]

I am an boy of age 17, weight 92KG (200 lbs) and height 5'6" these are the exercises I perform currently 1-25 knee pushups (5 sets 5 reps) 2-5 min on the spot running(1 min Marching 30 sec jogging ...
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What is the best three exercises for belly fat? [duplicate]

How to reduce belly fat in a few days?
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I am 90 KGS plz help me to lose [duplicate]

My height is 5 11. In 2013 my weight is 65kg, after the delivery of my baby in 6. Months increased to 75kg, in 2015 Jan I got 88kg &. I went to weightloss center lost 7 kg in one year,then I ...
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Dieting and exercise [duplicate]

Hi I am a girl and I weigh 61kg and I'm about 160cm and I'm just need your help to see if I'm doing anything right all wrong. So every morning I have raw egg and milk for breakfast a salad or for ...
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How to loose 7-10kg weight in a month [duplicate]

I am aiming to lose 7-10 kg in a month. But not sure how to go about it. From what I have read, I am planning to do the following Walk 10 km Play badminton for 30-45 mins 45 mins strength + cardio ...
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How can I get more "toned"?

Some background: I'm 6'1 and weigh approximately 152 lbs. I want to be toned (muscular and cut). Not big, but I want my muscles to be showing even when I don't flex. I especially want a six pack. ...
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Are ab exercises more useful to reduce belly fat than other exercises?

I have little bit belly fat which I want to reduce. So I started ab exercises (like sit-ups and crunches) month ago. It's much more difficult to me to do these kind of exercises than other e.g. ...
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How can I lose weight as a young teenager?

I'm 13 and I am classified as Overweight. I eat healthy,mostly fruits and I always have vegetables with a meal. I go for a 1 hour bike ride with my friends at a fast pace almost daily.I also play ...
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How to maximize benefits when doing regular fasting?

Because of religious stuff I'll be fasting from around 5 AM to 8 PM meaning 15 hour a day for a whole month, I was thinking I should use this to lose some weight (85 kg, 177 cm) and specially belly ...
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Why I am not losing weight?

I started rigorous exercise for last one week only - 30 minutes treadmill jog burning around 260 calories + 10 minutes of cycling burning around 30-40 calories. However despite that, my weight is ...
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