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How to calculate calories burned while running [duplicate]

I am developing an app for running and I can't find precise formulas for calories burned while running. I need a various formulas based on gender, age, height, weight, distance, time and so on. Any ...
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Calories Burnt whilst excercising [duplicate]

What is the best way to calculate calories burnt whilst exercising, mainly running without the use of a website or app. I am looking for a formula, it only needs to be an estimate. Thanks.
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How to calcuate the calories burned during running [duplicate]

I would like to know are there any forumla for that? The formula should better take the age, weight, height, gender running disatance, time for the calcuation Ref calcuator
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Is it possible to measure calorie burn from heart rate alone?

I have a Polar heart rate monitor chest strap, and a compatible Android phone on which I can run a number of different apps for recording my heart rate. My primary interest is in how many calories I ...
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Estimated calories you burn throughout day

If one has normal activity throughout the day, for example wake up at 10AM sleep at 11:30PM, drive to work, work, walk to get lunch, drive home, do laundry, etc. What is the estimated amount of ...
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How many extra calories do I burn when running with a jogging stroller?

I'm curious how to figure out how much extra work I'm doing pushing a jogging stroller while running? I have a 20 lb baby sitting in an otherwise empty Bob Evolution stroller.
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Does burning calories by running depend only on distance, and not speed?

So it seems burning calories by jogging/running only depends on the distance covered, and not the speed. Is this correct? Even if I ran ...
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Metabolic Equations for Anaerobic Exercise?

I know several metabolic equations for estimating VO2 (and therefore calories burned) for steady state exercise, but how is VO2 and caloric expenditure estimated through exercises like power lifting ...
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How does exhaustion impact calorie expenditure?

While answering this question, I researched some formulas for energy expenditure when running. None of the formulas I found took into account the factor of exhaustion when calculating calories burned. ...
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How many calories will I burn walking one mile?

I walk, on average, a 15 minute mile and on flat terrain. I weight 150 lbs and I'm about 5' 7" with a medium build. I'm trying to manage my overall health and want to ensure my exercise is balancing ...
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What are the factors affecting in burning Calories?

I'm running in treadmill everyday for 10 minutes with speed of 6kmph. The treadmill shows the amount of calories burnt is around sixty. My question is only Time,speed and distance determines the ...
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VO2 max per split vs per run

If I calculate the VO2max on each split of a run using the formula from here. Would the VO2max estimate for the entire run be the mean of all the splits?
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Derive the MET equation for caloric expenditure estimate

A Metabolic Equivalent of Task (METs) is: 1 MET := Consumption of 3.5 mL_O2/kg/min ~= 1 kcal/kg/hr Most online calculators that use MET to estimate caloric burn use: Eq. 1) Cal_kcal = Duration_min * (...
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