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Hit my fat percentage wall, help me out I would give it all

I think I have hit my fat percentage wall. I weigh between 175-178 lbs and my body fat percentage is consistently 22-28%. Here is my routine. I crossfit in the morning, so I get some good cardio. I ...
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Does weighlifting have the same benefits as HIIT?

Background of HIIT High intensity interval training (HIIT) is generally performed by sprinting close to maximum capacity followed by rest. The process is repeated several times. Proponents of HIIT ...
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Exercise advice for newbie

I'm a 22 year old male currently employed as a Program Developer(sedentary work).I weigh 110Kg's and am 186cm's high. I started working out about last week. I normally do 30mins of cardio on bicycle ...
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Include Whey Protein in Diet Plan for Weight loss

I am a 23 year old/ 84 kg/ 178 cms overweight guy. I have started weight loss programme. I run around 6-6.5Kms (Treadmill + Eliptical), do some crunches, belly exercises and then do 2-3 sprints daily ...
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Is it healthy/unhealthy to consume too few calories so long as you're not starving yourself?

Several online calorie calculators tell me I should be consuming between 2100-2500 calories a day to lose weight (around 3000 to maintain my weight). For the past few weeks, I've been counting about ...
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When to change Kettle-bell weight?

I have got 20kg kettle bell and able to do 30 swings without exhausting. Should I change the size of kettlebell(32 or 36 kg ?) or increase reps ?
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Should an overweight person not do Running and skipping because it can hurt knee joints?

My weight is 115 Kg and I want to lose weight. Some people suggested that I do running and skipping and say running can hurt my knees because of my weight. If running and skipping can hurt my knees, ...
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105 views 10 months [duplicate]

19 yr old female 5'8" 137 lbs. 22% +/-3% BF (caliper test), mesomorph, pear shape Want to get to about 130 and have reasonably taut abdominal muscles. Getting ready for a friend's wedding, and I have ...
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How do I lose body fat without losing body weight?

Right now, I'm currently doing light exercises every other day, and I am following the Paleo Diet. By light exercises, I mean : 10 pushups 15 squats 15 arm lifts Repeat for 3 sets In the months ...
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How much exercise is "just enough"?

I'm in my early 40s, BMI=27, and my primary goal in exercising is to be healthy: to live as long and as ably/comfortably as I can. My secondary goals are to maintain a reasonably good weight (...
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How far to run at the beginning?

I would like to start running because someone told me that I can minimize my belly by running. I am not very trained so I am asking how far I should start running in the beginning. Thanks for ...
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cardio before or after weights?

145 pounds, 170cm tall, female. been doing cardio & weight lifting for 2 months with good diet, goal is to lose body fat and gain muscle. what is the science behind doing weights before/after ...
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